Guarantee and Maintenance


Concrete Gallery Design guarantees its concrete against any structural cracks and defects that may occur under normal usage. Superficial surface cracks may occur overtime however, these will not in any way affect the permanence and strength of your concrete design. Even though, concrete may absorb fluids and stains, by correctly maintaining your work of art, they will not influence the strength, functionality and appearance of the concrete object.

I do encourage you to closely follow the recommendations that have been stated below as a guideline in order to enhance the durability and overall appearance of your product. This will in turn allow for a long-lasting experience.

Maintaining your Concrete Design

Concrete has the same porosity as marble. Acids such as lemon juice, vinegar, acetone and wine will cause stains. Although concrete should always be sealed in order to protect it, the ideal sealer has yet to be invented. It is therefore recommended to always use a clean cloth, sponge or rag to wipe up the spilled stains as quickly as possible. Make sure you do not make use of coarse objects.

In addition its is advised that one does not cut directly or indirectly on a concrete surface as this may cause markings and scratches on the object.

One must also be aware of the fact that although concrete may be heat resistant, it may still be subject to thermal shocks which may cause damage to the sealer that is applied to the surface. I therefore recommend you to make use of stands for hot objects.