Design elements


All possible molds are feasible in order to create a unique and true pieces of art


I strongly prefer to work with colors that carry earthy tones as it reflects upon my inspirations that I draw from and out of the beauty of nature. Such colors include but are not limited to: Amber, Amethyst, Brick, Chianti, Charcoal, Evergreen, Indigo, Jade, Ocean, Olive, Platinum, Saddle, Sand, Stone, Tahoe and Wine


Inlays are one of the best ways to personalize the project(s).


All the sealants that I work with in my designs are food safe. In choosing your sealants who will be making choices between two solutions namely, topical sealers or penetrating sealers.
Topical sealers: creates a film over your concrete design
Penetrating sealers: immerse into your concrete design and slightly enhances the shiny look